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Documentary feature films:

· Lolo Rico: the non invented look(2015)

· Leo to life(2017)

· One more year(2019)

· Odradek(2022)

· Red Sea(Developing)(2024-25)

· Laika's year(Developing)(2024-25)

Documentary short films:

· The return of the souls(2015) 

· Mon Marquès: the combat...(2017)

· To be an actress, to be a woman(2024)


Documentary half-length films:

· We are still alive(2019)

Fiction short films:

· The irremediable and the sea(2015)

· Candela(2015)

· In the forest(2016)

· The flavour of the mandarin(2017)

· Portraits(2019) 

· I'm Lina(2021)(Distribution)

· why did you come back every summer(2024)(Postproduction)

· Autofiction(2024)(Distribution)

· An inheritance with a long tail (2024) (Postproduction)


2023 LGC Films

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