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The flavour of the mandarin (2017)

Type: Shortfilm, fiction
Duration: 7'02"
Format: HD, Colour
Aspect: HD 1920x1080
Fps: 25
Audio: Estereo
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English 

Direction: Julio Suárez
Production: LGC Films
Cast: Nuri Salleras, Ovidi Llorente

Cinematographers: Aniol Pla-Giribert Agüero, Frodo García-Conde, Ana Puit
Editing: Frodo García-Conde, Julio Suárez
Sound: Anna Rajadell

Sound design: Alejandro Castillo
Production management: Lola López

Screenplay: Julio Suárez (According to free adaptation

of an anonymous Persian story - Translated by Nazanin Armanian)

Official Selections:


·Selecció oficial a la secció "Alternativo" del Festival de  Cortometrajes del Órbigo - Luna de cortos (2017)
·Selecció oficial Brain Film Fest - Premi Solé Tura (2018) 
·Selecció oficial Secció D.O. Girona - 30è Festival de Cinema de  Girona (2018)


A mother feels that the memories are vanished, at the same time that she perceives of her son a distancing forced by the circumstances. The memory, which seems to be the only valid tool for the relationship, has stopped working, with which the relationship with the environment seems to have lost its meaning. If there is only one memory remaining, it is not enough for others, and when there is no longer that, it is the end of everything.
They end up being two parallel worlds, which link to others and their intimate ones. The disease has broken this bond with the world of others and has remained only with his, alive and well present, but invisible to others. The son remembers this cut link. In the end, they are irreconcilable worlds, which end up disappearing for each other.



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