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Why did you come back every summer (2024)

Type: Short film
Duration: 18,30 min.
Format: 2K, Color
Aspect: 16:9 
Fps: 25
Audio: Dolby Stereo
Language: Spanish

Subtitles: English

Direction: Juli Suàrez
Production: LGC Films

Cast: María Romanillos, Mariana Cordero, Lupe Cartié, Charo Zapardiel, Joaquín Calderón, Laia Ruiz, Jessica Hernández, Laura Márquez, Meritxell Yanes, David Planas

Screenplay: Belén López Peiró, Juli Suàrez

Cinematographer: Joan Agramunt

Art direction: Ari Miró

Sound: Gabriel Hurtado

Director assistant: Jordi Bosch Sierra

Camera assistant: Joaquim Vinyes

Costume: Olivia Cucala
Editing: Xavier Pérez
Sound mixer: Laia Picón

Production management: Delfí Nierga
Runners: Frederic Salvà, Pilar Parra, Lola López

Translations: Càrol Aguilera

With the support: Girona Crea, ACCD - Generalitat de Catalunya


Lucia, a 22 year old student reveals the abuse she suffered when she was a teenager, so that it will not happen again. A trip to the village where she spent her childhood will be the beginning of a process of resilience, but the silence and hypocrisy of her family will be her greatest obstacle. Writing will be her way of expelling it all and starting a new path through life.




Watch the trailer:

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