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The seeker of songs (2024)

Type: Feature documentary
Duration: 80 min.
Format: 2K, Color
Aspect: 1:85 
Fps: 25
Audio: Dolby Stereo
Language: Catalan/Valencian

Subtitles: Spanish

Direction: Juli Suàrez
Production: LGC Films

Cast: Pep Gimeno "Botifarra"

Screenplay: Juli Suàrez, Josep Vicent Frechina

Cinematographer: Mireia P. Maya

Sound: Gabriel Hurtado

Camera operator & Drone: Pau Rodríguez

Concert camera operator: Juli Suàrez

Editing: Xavier Pérez
Sound mixer: Roger Navarro, Pablo Gregorio

Production management: Frederic Salvà

Texts: Antoni Martínez, Toni Cucarella, Juli Suàrez

Linguistic advice: Lorena Ordiñana
Translations: Frederic Salvà

With the support: El Mico Entertainment, Càntut


Pep Gimeno "Botifarra" is not only a portentous singer, he is, above all, a persevering compiler of traditional Valencian song. Throughout his life he has searched for and recovered all the songs that have been put at his disposal. But, at the same time and because of his interest in popular culture, he has become a deep connoisseur of popular literature: fables, sayings, sentences, riddles, jokes and anecdotes. And so, Pep Gimeno "Botifarra" has become a successful singer, loved throughout the Mediterranean, because at the base of this whole story we find a humble and transparent person, a tireless seeker of songs, culture and memory.




Watch the trailer:

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