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The irremediable and the sea (2015)

Type: Short film, fiction
Duration: 8'22"
Format: HD, Blanco y negro
Aspect: HD 1920x1080
Fps: 25
Audio: Stereo
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English 

Direction: Julio Suárez
Production: LGC Films - Black Factory
Cast: Carolina Sourcis, Frodo García-Conde

Photo: Frodo García-Conde, Emilio Sacco, Julio Suárez
Editing: Julio Suárez, Xavier Pérez
Audio: Ana Puit, Julio Suárez

Color: Frodo García-Conde

Screenplay: Julio Suárez

Advice: Abbas Kiarostami


Núria has little time to live. She reflects on whether she will spend the last days with her family, with what the disease entails or, on the contrary, make another decision. 



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