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Weekly TV show

FORMAT: Weekly entertainment program

RUN TIME: 50 min.


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Pep Gimeno "Botifarra" will tour the towns of Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands to find and recover the traditional song of the Catalan Countries. Songs that have made history and left their mark on our territory.

Each chapter, a new people and their people.
Each chapter, a challenge: 48 hours to find a new song: a romance, a verse, a beat song… a traditional corranda that was hidden in the historical memory of the population and that now, will see the light again.

Botifarra will not be alone. It will have the help of the people of the village, the singers of the area, the grandparents who still sing at the exit, and the children and grandchildren who accompany them, keeping alive the character of the village.

Will he succeed?

We will see this at the end of each program, when all participants will come together and celebrate the new find. If all goes well, they will sing the new song together and continue to gloss over the words of today.

A moment to remember that: With everything we do, with everything we know, and with everything we share… we continue to make history.


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